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Saunders Diaphragm Valve Actuators EC & SSC

Saunders Actuators type EC & SSC

Saunders® EC & SSC Type is a compact and lightweight piston operated pneumatic linear actuator suitable for demanding duties in both industrial and aseptic applications. Available in stainless steel (SSC) or injection moulded in PES Polyether sulphone (EC), the actuator offers excellent chemical and temperature resistance. Available as failsafe spring to close, spring to open and double acting, the actuator is suitable for weir Type A diaphragm valves and HC4 aseptic diaphragm valves.

Technical data

Dimensions: DN08 - DN50 (1/4" - 2")
Temperature range: -10° C to +100° C
Accessories available: Solenoid valve, switch box, and positioners can be fitted
Applications: Suitable for chemically aggressive environments and sterilisation by steam, dry heat or chemical methods

Product information